Five facts about hardships in the restaurant industry

Working in the restaurant industry is a great way to make cash fast, but not very beneficial when it comes to the health of the workers in these restaurants. Below is a list of five facts concerning restaurants workers.

1.  “59% of restaurants fail within the first three years.” Many of the same types of restaurants tend to pop up all over the place, this meaning more competition for the ones similar surrounding them. Having to keep a new restaurant afloat may seem harder than it should be. This post on “mobivity” will give you more insight.

2. Restaurants face a number of challenges ranging from figuring our cliental to staffing to having returning customers. There is more to a restaurant than meets the eye. Having to dig into the numbers, up to date systems, and loyal employees are tricky things to have to juggle. will help you dive more into some information.

3. Many restaurants do not have enough employees to be able to offer healthcare, leaving a lot of the workers up the creek without a paddle when it comes to their physical and mental health. Most restaurant employee’s health deteriorates from working long hours throughout the days and nights, seven days a week. The Boston Globe discusses one restaurants woes with mental health.

4. There’s a hospitality summit that has been going on for four years now called the “Welcome Conference”. This conference is held to bring people from restaurants all over the United States of America together to form a tighter knit bond and to help each other flourish and learn what they can do to become better than the year before. com talks about just that in this written article.

5. Like most things, the restaurant industry is changing at a rapid pace. Keeping up with these changes are having some older restaurants scrambling around for something to grip onto. com takes you into some easy fixes for this day of age.

With the growing information that managers and owners are receiving on how to better the work place restaurants will start taking better care of their employees.


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