Five facts about the growing involvement in the art scene

More and more neighborhoods are seeing splashes of color being thrown up on the walls surrounding them, turning a blank wall into a beautiful work of art. Below is a list of five facts about the positive impact murals have made to inner-city neighborhoods.

  1. Taking “tough” looking neighborhoods and softening them up with positive murals is one way that people are trying to change where they live. Communities like the one in this article are getting their youths involved, having up to 800 young adults, from the ages of 14 to 21, to work on these projects. Read more here.
  2. Murals aren’t just for the eyes; they’re there to spark conversation and build connections. Some go along with the businesses that they’re on, but once other companies see these, they’re also wanting to get a mural done on one of their blank walls and are reaching out to local muralists and letting them branch out and build connections throughout these industries. This article goes in depth about the beautifying of cities.
  3. Many turn their noses up to graffiti and street art because of the negative connotations that have come along with it in the past, but many of the muralists want to change those thought processes. Many associate street arts as just someone scribbling their name on a wall for the world to see, but it’s much more than that. Graffiti can be very beneficial to up, and coming neighborhoods, here is some more information.
  4. While some muralists are creating these murals as forms of advocacy and protest, others may just be creating to expand their brand and to get paid. The gap between graffiti artist and strictly muralist emerges here. Read more about it here.
  5. Bringing some color to blank spaces is a great way to invoke conversation and emotions in people. Murals are an easy way to revitalize public spaces and to get people talking and walking around their neighborhoods more. Muralists come and go to all areas of the world, here are just a few spots on this globe that have outstanding murals.

With the ever-growing population of our cities, adding a little bit of life to these walls is helping make these houses in these neighborhoods feel like home.

Heather Hurtt photography©

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